Mid-Week Adventure

  • Wednesday 7:30pm - San Francisco

Started making tacos, drinking (one) beer and loosely planning our gravel ride for the next day.

  • 12:15am

After three beers each and a collective effort to finish two bottles of wine we decided to hit the town!

  • Thursday 8:15am

Woke up to Ryan moaning “Staaaaaz... I’m hungover”. Yep, we went too hard the night before and we desperately needed to balance out our stomachs with some greasy breakfast food… if we could keep last night’s tacos and booze down.

  • 9:45am

After some hungover vehicle relocation shenanigans to avoid getting a street sweeping ticket, we arrived at Eats with a full car and empty stomachs.

Ryan was introduced to his new favorite breakfast spot, but I was worried we would be asked to leave because of the inappropriate noises he was making while eating his chicken and waffles.

  • 10:45am - Fairfax

Stopped to grab snacks for the ride.

  • 11:10am

We finally got on our bikes and embarked on a rad adventure.

I don’t have much to say about this ride because its beauty left me speechless (as did the climbing), so I will leave you with some pictures we took:

  • 4:00pm

After dragging my out of shape body up the last pitches on San Geronimo Ridge, we inhaled a couple of burgers before coasting back to the car.

What a ride, what a day! Highly recommended by both me and Ryan. We agreed that this ride was in our top 3 of best rides we had ever done and potentially #1. The views, terrain, and weather were unbelievable and it all made for an unforgettable experience.

I would recommend coming prepared to suffer. The last leg of punchy climbs on San Geronimo Ridge are no joke and definitely put a few nails in my coffin that late in the ride. Also, try not to start this ride hungover like we did...

10/10 would ride again!

- Staz

Chris Stastny